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    03rd November 2006 - 12:16:46 AM    
78868 : candycanecock4screechass
Hey jizzwaste... even your FANS hate you...

    03rd November 2006 - 12:25:42 AM    
78869 : Kurt Steinberg
Diamond, thank you for setting up this glorious guestbook so that your gay fans will have one centralized location to post their gay fantasies!

    03rd November 2006 - 12:31:33 AM    
78870 : Kurt Steinberg
Dustin Diamond (78866) is an imposter! It's not the real Diamond - instead, it is PRINCESS PUESSIE! I didn't make the connection right away, but when I saw the use of the word "turds" I figured it out. Puessie was the only poster to use that term regularly.

Get out of here Puessie. Nobody want you here, you cross-dressing faggot!

Remember this "remember when" story about you?

16th May 2005 - 12:22:34 AM
13557 : Ox
Screech, remember that episode where you were playing kickball during gym class at Bayside? Remember when Kelly was at the plate and she kicked the ball to you while you were playing shortstop? Remember when you fielded the ball and wildly threw it toward Zack, the first baseman? Remember when you were so uncoordinated that the ball slipped as you threw it and it hit the second baseman in the head? Remember when the second basement was a weirdo that liked to be called the "Prince"? Remember when everyone thought he was a complete faggot? Remember how he was the only kid in school that you could beat up, as he was even more scrawny than you? Remember when he got up after you hit hit with the kickball and came at you crying and screaming like the big pussy that he was? Remember when he swung at you with flailing arms? Remember when you kicked him in the nuts and he fell over? Remember when a crowd started forming around you two yelling "FIGHT!!! FIGHT!!! FIGHT!!!" as you squared off with the Prince? Remember when Mr. Belding ran out in the gym and said "hey, hey, hey, waht is going on here?" Remember when the Prince ran over to Belding and told him that you hit him with the kickball for no reason? Remember when Mr. Belding picked up the kickball and said "was it this kickball, you stupid FAGGOT?" as he whipped the ball at your face from a distance of a mere 10 feet away? Remember when the ball hit the Prince in his face, shattering his nose and spraying blood everywhere? Remember when the entire class started laughing and called the Prince a stupid piece of cocksucking shit? Remember when Slater said "whoa, that's a lot of blood" as Zack gave the Prince a legsweep, knocking him to the ground? Remember when Slater dropped trow and then dropped an HIV+ pile of shit on the Prince's bloody nose? Remember when the HIV from Slater's feces made its way into the Prince's bloodstream, giving the Prince HIV? Remember when Mr. Dewey, the science teacher, ran into the gym with a syringe and said "Prince, take this, it will make you better" as he injected the Prince? Remember when he finished the injection and then told everyone he had just injected the Prince with the Ebola virus? Remember when everyone started laughing? Remember how the Prince was a bloody, fecal-covered mess by this point? Remember when you said "alright, he's had enough... JUST KIDDING, WE'RE JUST GETTING WARMING UP!!!" as you kicking the Prince in the nuts and then yanked off his gym shorts? Remember when everyone laughed because the Prince was hung like a gnat? Remember when Slater, Zack, Mr. Belding, Maxwell Nerdstrom, and Mr. Dewey took turns stomping on the Prince's tiny hairless beanbag? Remember when I said "let me have a chance! I'm strong like an OX?" Remember when I stomped so hard on the Prince's nuts that his nutsack broke open and his tiny balls rolled out? Remember when Salter said "Prince, I think these belong to you" as he stuffed then down the Prince's throat? Remember when the Prince was in the hospital for months afterward and has been seeing a psychiatrist for years? Remember when you went to your 10-year Bayside high school reunion and discovered that the Prince had a sex change and now goes by the name "Princess Puessie"? Remember when Princess Peussie started posting retarded things in message board because he thinks they are funny, when in reality only a stupid fecal-munching pervert would find any of his postings funny? You and the Bayside gang sure screwed over the Prince in that episode!

    03rd November 2006 - 02:31:58 AM    
78871 : diamondcutter
Dner and Fagbusters should have anally raped the "PUESSIE" in California when they had the chance...

    03rd November 2006 - 03:05:05 AM    
78872 : Dustin Diamond
GuY5 C4nt we all just get along... Hate on me thats good... and lets keep all th4t love and 4attention to my beautiful jew bagel bum!!!1 i have a p0em for you all, 4nd it go3s a little something lik3 thi5!!!1


Tonight w4s a frightful night
for with all my m1ght
i couldnt hold back my fright
My tighty whities were very very tight!!!1

i l0ve you all so much that is dedicated its ded1cat3d to 4ll you fuck t4rds and cum guzzling turd burglers out there!!!!1 K33P R0cking THE H4TE!!!!

    03rd November 2006 - 03:30:28 AM    
78873 : Dustin Diamond
n0 But S3riously chill 0ut knob gobbl3rs!!!!1

    03rd November 2006 - 03:57:17 AM    
78874 : king terdburgaler
STFU you poser....

Using numbers instead of letters make you so fucking cool

    03rd November 2006 - 07:18:28 AM    
78875 : anal beard licker
screech I want to put my thingy in your brown hole and then pull it out and go kersplooey all over your face. then I will shit in your eyes.

    03rd November 2006 - 07:48:24 AM    
78876 : Larry motherfucking King
I wanna rub knobs with Dusty!!! Just thinking about it makes my ding-dong start to go hard and my leathery old nutsack start to tighten!

Look out Dusty! I've just gotten hold of some viagra and I'm comin for ya!!!!!!

    03rd November 2006 - 08:56:58 AM    
78877 : \"President George Walker Bush\"
I hereby declare that the character of "Screech" is part of the "anus of evil", and demand that we invade his anus with the big weapon of mass destruction; ie: My PENIS!

I hope Congress will ratify my plans for invasion!

    03rd November 2006 - 09:48:33 AM    

    03rd November 2006 - 10:13:08 AM    
78879 : GG Allin

    03rd November 2006 - 11:01:00 AM    
78880 : Anal Cum Slater
I want to fuck the anus of the Dustin Diamond imposter who uses numbers to post. I have some greasy shit to smear all over your chest as I fire my seed down you puckered rectum.

    03rd November 2006 - 11:29:19 AM    
78881 : Dustin Diamond
w0ah dud3s and dudette5, Suck on my super stretchy nut s4c.R0AAAAAAAAARRRRRR "Imposter this and imposter that" Hmmmmm, Geee, No kidding!!!!1 i c4nt believe my entire f4n ba53 are all d3tectives. w0w, 1m the luckie5t m4n 0n earth!!!!1

    03rd November 2006 - 11:42:41 AM    
78882 :

    03rd November 2006 - 11:52:48 AM    
78883 :

    03rd November 2006 - 01:25:04 PM    
78884 :

    03rd November 2006 - 05:01:44 PM    
78885 : Elton John
For the past few years now I have been trying to simulate a period myself. I set aside around seven days in every month and "go through" the equivalent of a menstrual cycle.

I enter in a diary the day I "come on" and make comments about which pads I need to buy and when. I also list the times i "need to change" my pad and panties.

I even simulate mood changes about a week beforehand too. I would be very interested to learn if any other of you guys go through the same experiences.

    04th November 2006 - 01:09:34 AM    
78886 : Dustin Diamond
0ne thing is for sure... no m4tter how lame you think i am elton john pwns at teh suck!!!1 w3ll hope you all had a g00d friday night!!!1 m4de another adult film tonight called "The Douche Bag CockTail", y3s, i actually drank douche juice ;)!!!1 Fuck your mothers!!!!

    04th November 2006 - 01:47:58 AM    
78887 : confused 12 yr old
screech please help. recently strange white stuff has startedt coming out of my thingy. whenever I think of you I get a funny feeling and then the wihte stuff cojmes out. also last nite i had a dreame about you and the next mornign the white stuff was all over the sheets.

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