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    06th November 2006 - 12:18:04 AM    
78908 : Neil Patrick Harris
Dustycakes, how is it that you find the time to post bad pseudo-l33tsp34k messages here, but you don't have the time to send me a quick "congrats" on my coming out?? Y'know I really thought you were different but you're just like all the others. I used to think you might be "the one", but I started to have my doubts after that one time we were making love on the beach during our weekend in Goa, and you shouted Clay Aiken's name when you climaxed inside my ass. Well you can just go to hell, mister man!! I'm gonna shack up with Chris Burke, at least he knows how to treat a man right and has a penis larger than that of a child, unlike YOU.

    06th November 2006 - 01:31:23 AM    
78909 : Dustin Diamond
w3ll since you brought it t0 thi5, i find myself f0rc3d t0 re5ponde!!!1 Dear N3il Ultr4 1337 f4n, 1 am glad that you c4me 0ut... th1s is step 0ne in your wond3rful g4y life... 1f y0ud maybe like t0 dry hump or kiss th4t is f1ne with m3 but please no anal p3netration 0f any s0rt :)

    06th November 2006 - 02:01:23 AM    
78910 : Ox
Screech, remember that time when Belding slept over in your room without your mom's permission? Remember when he slept naked in your bed with you after you two had sex? Remember when he took a shit before you two had sex but forgot to clean himself? Remember when he farted throughout the night and then snuck out the window the next morning? Remember how your whole bed and room reeked of Belding's ass? Remember how Belding left brown stains all over your sheets and one of your pillow cases? Remember how pissed off your mom was at you the next morning because your room smelled like a sewer? Belding's asshole really got you in trouble in that episode!

    06th November 2006 - 04:45:10 AM    
78911 : Saddam Hussein
SHAL'HAM, AMERICAN INFIDEL - It is I, Saddam Hussein. No doubt you have heard the news that I will be hung before Christmas to stop me from talking about the Chemical weapons sold to me by Donald Rumsfeld. Anyway, before the Iraqi showtrail excutes me by hanging (to be broadcast live on Fox News PPV), I wish to stick my "soddom husseininator" into mouthy American actor, "Screech". Screech. You wish to feel the burn of my chemical warhead as I shove the toxic waste down your anus and thereby hiding it from UN WMD hunters? If so, email me so we can exchange bodily fluids!

    06th November 2006 - 08:26:31 AM    
78912 : Screech
Saddam, I just heard something on the tv about you being hung. Is that true? I want to suck you off.

    06th November 2006 - 09:09:35 AM    
78913 : Dustin Diamond
D3ar 0x, this is the second t1me y0uv put up a bunch 0f stupid "remember when"... g0 fuck y0ur moth3r ya un-origin4l t4rd!!!1 s4ddam hasnt been excuted yet becuase h3 h4s to attend two more different cases. 1 f0r the kurd5 and one m0re for smethin 3lse!!!1 n0w sadd4m is a fuck nut!!11 bye

    06th November 2006 - 09:18:58 AM    
78914 : Kurt Steinberg
Diamond, I saw that our wikipedia entry includes a new picture of you:

Why were you staying with a "host family" in the midwest for 4 months during 2001? What is that all about?

    06th November 2006 - 10:05:24 AM    
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    06th November 2006 - 01:40:32 PM    
78916 : Rocco
Bravissimo Ox! Beldings ass got Diamond it many dilemas. I wonder if Mama Screech rubbed the soiled sheets in Diamonds face?


    06th November 2006 - 01:51:55 PM    
78917 : Dner
Good one Ox! It seems as though Belding's asshole gets Screechie-poo in trouble a lot. Oh Rocco, I'm willing to bet money on Screech's mommy rubbing the sheets in his face!

    06th November 2006 - 01:53:19 PM    
78918 : Dennis Haskins
Screech, I want to punch you in the rectum and watch you yell zoinks as I rupture your anus muscles. I want to shoot HIV+ seed all over your pasty white jew body. I want to take a big health shit on your fro as I rub my taint on your hook nose. I jack off to homeless pictures of you. Remember the good times we had? Let's run off and make love like we did in the Denny's in Ohio! I want you cock up myu ass so bad. Report back to me.

    06th November 2006 - 02:57:36 PM    
78919 :
report to the Rip Taylor imdb - to the nickname thread. We must get out the message that he was nicknamed Rip because of his big cock ripping the anus of many young men! Go Now!

    06th November 2006 - 03:39:34 PM    
78920 :
Check out Chris Burke's wikipedia page. Unfortunately, some of his movie roles have been omitted. :(

    06th November 2006 - 05:22:46 PM    
78921 : diamondcutter

He is perfect for ANY political office. The reasons why:

1) He is a closet faggot.
2) He has money problems.
3) He can't tell a straight answer to save his life... even to tell if he married or not.
4) He has a "secret" sex tape.
5) He is full of shit, as proved in his "sex tape".
6) He needs a new house... perhaps the "White House".
7) He knows sneaky ways to raise funds... like a bogus t-shirt sale.
8) He can get quality airtime on Howard Stern and Tyra.
9) His "wife" could give Barbara Bush a run for the money in an "Ugliest First Lady" contest.
10) He knows how to be a complete media whore.
11) He can make a headline out of "shit".
12) He definitely would have former male pages on speed dial.
13) He won't stand for crime sice his "Playstation" was stolen.

And most importantly...


    06th November 2006 - 05:34:32 PM    
78922 : Pwn3d!
mY M07heR 1N-L4W KN3W EXac+Ly wha7 $H3 W4$ d01ng +0D4Y-i W@5 SEdUC3D bY @N 0ldEr W0M4N!! My f4miLy H45 4 5UMmeR cO++4GE 1n +hE wOODs Ne4R A B19 c17y bY 7he 0cE4n-1+ ha$ 8e3N 4 W0ndErPHUl 1Nd14N 5uMM3R, $O 1 7O0k @ PHEW d4y5 +0 eNj0y +H3M 4LOne +hEr3. W3LL, WhEN i 907 +heR3 my m0+h3R iN-L4W wa5 +H3r3! $He w@$ iN 70wN 0N 8uS1Ne55 @ND w45 5T4YINg 0vERn173 4ND 7HEn dRIViNg hOM3 73H nex7 D@Y. $h3 w45 $i+71NG 1n 7he sun in 5hoR7$ 4ND a 7@Nk +oP h4vIng @ dRiNk-50 1 gO+ in7o my 5w1MM1n9 5H0R75 (th3Y loOK l13K +19h7 8oY5H0r+5) @ND L4yED 0n a Bl4NkE+ neX7 7o heR @Nd h@D 4 Dr1NK 45 W3Ll. 4Ph73R 4wHiLe SHe wen7 1NSIde @Nd CAm3 0UT 1n A 8L4cK L4cE 53E +hrOugH br@ 4nd @ p41R 0F L4v3NDer paN7135 +h47 WeRE 50 7i9h7 7H4T tH3y 7HeY jU5+ Hugg3d HER BUT+ 4nd 1 CoulD 53e 4 h1n+ of c@M3L +0e!! 5He d03$ 7hI5 EVErY s0 0f+en wh3n 7eh ph@mIlY 15 +H3rE aND Sinc3 wE Liv3 1n SwEd3N 17'S ju5t 4ccEp+4BL3. 8u7 M3 831N9 4 P@n7Y FR3Ak i w@5 gE7+1N9 a LI++Le Ho7 uNd3r 7hE 8oXER$!! 4pH+3R l4yin9 0n h3R 84CK foR A Whil3 $h3 pHlipP3d Ov3R 4ND 7O0k HeR 8r4 0FpH 4Nd h4NDEd ME 7He lo7ion g1v1NG M3 4 peEK @7 hEr HUGE +1+s 4nD a$k3d 1PH i w0uLd pu7 5Om3 L0710N oN HER! heLl YE4!! {ENTRY} 1 rUB83D +h3 l0t10n 0n heR 84CK 4nd 5LOwly worKED mY W4Y d0Wn T0 H3R Bu7+-1 mov3D her P4N+1e5 dOwN jU57 @ L177lE-n07 MUcH Ph0R hER +0 N0+ICe-@ll 73h WH1lE 1 w@$ Ch3cK1nG 0U+ hEr EVer 5O 7i9H7 P4N7Ied cRo+CH. i 4c+U4Ll yW4s M45549Ing h3r @ l177l3 4Nd $+oPpeD-5HE s4Id th@+ 1+ ph3l+ n1c3 @ND ipH 1 W0uLD M455493 Her M0re B3CAu5e SHe h4d @ 5+ReS5ful D@y!! 5o 831nG 7h3 nIcE GUY 1 @M 1 5U9g357eD I 5+@R+3D 47 HeR PH337 @Nd WorK mY W@Y UP. $H3 W45 900D Wi7h 7ha+! i W4S IN hE@V3N. her l@V3Nd3R pAN+13d cR07cH w45 r1ghT +HEr3 $t4r1Ng me 1N 73h f@C3!! a5 I woRKEd uP To HER 7HI9h5 $h3 @dJU5+3D @nd $PRE4d HEr l395 OPEn 4 l177L3!! 1 W45 $T4R+1Ng +0 9e7 exCI+3D AnD 4 L1++le PR3-cUM W45 $p0+7in9 My 5H0R+5!! 50 wh3n 1 rU88Ed H3R +H19H5 I W0rK3d My W@y R19H+ up 7o her cRo7ch 7e451nG h3r eveR {ENTRY} C@ReFUL-1f i m@DE +eh WRong mOVe 7H15 cOulD Be d1$+EroU$. @$ 1 COntINuED 70 rU8 hEr +H19hS 1 n0+1c3D 4 $m@ll weT $Po+ be991n9 +o APPE4r 0N h3r p@n71Ed Cr0+cH-+hi5 9O7 m3 Ev3n moR3 3Xci73D!! SO I @$KED HEr If 5H3 3V3R h4D h3R 8U++ M@5g3d-1 +0LD h3r 4Bou+ mY 3xpEr1enc3 wI+h It aND HOW 9O0d i+ Fel7 -$O 5H3 94V3 M3 th3 OK T0 d0 i7. i @lM057 c@M3 7h3n!! 45 i w45 ru88ing 0nE OPh her che3K5 HEr P4N135 K3P+ Ge7T1N9 in +he W4Y 1 45k3D h3R 1PH I+ wOUld 83 Ok +0 DR4W 7Hem DoWN @ 817 5O 1 coULD m45$agE Her 8u++ @ND $H3 wA5 3ver 5o e@g3r +0 D0 +hI5.!! HER wE7 SPO7 h@d GR0wn b1g 7Im3 4nd i KN3W {ENTRY}m3+hiNg W@5 @BOU+ +0 h@PPEN!! 50 @5 I dR3W hEr p@n+ie5 d0wN $h3 l1F73d H3r H1P$ @7 73H m3 7IM3 @ND hEr p4n+13$ W3N+ D0wn tO miD +HIGh! i +hough+ $He M1GH+ FR3aK 0U+ BECAu +HERE 5+4rIn9 m3 1n +3h ph4c3 W45 H3r wE7 P***y!! C@$UAlLY 5h3 541D jU5T +4K3 +heM ophph jU5+ lieK @+ 7HE m455U353s($pELLINg!!). so I coN+1Nu3D 70 Rub hER 8u77 4ND 3V3ry $o OPH73n I m4dE 5ur3 i 9o+ cl0 3nOuGh +0 G37 Her g0in9! 5H3 700K A L0Ok 4nD 5@w 7h4t I W4$ @ L17+Le 4R0u$Ed 4nD @5keD 1f 1 W0UlD l13K +o RU8 H3R B4Ck 4Nd +h@t 1pH i w4n73D i c0uld +@Ke 0fF My b0x3Rs b3C4u53 1+ l0oK3D unCOMPH0r74bLE-50 1 57r1pP3d 4nd cLIm8eD Up on h3r 8u+T w1+H mY c**K In +H3 CR@CK 0n tHE 70p 0PH HEr 8u++!! 45 I rU8b3d Her 84Ck 84cK 4nd ph0R7h mY p3N15 w45 5lIDD1Ng +H4+ WaY +0 @Nd +hER3 w@$ @l07 0F PreCUM o0ZiN9 oU7! sHE w@$ m0VIn9 h3r H1ps UP 4nD Down JU$+ @ lI7+Le 34Ch +1mE my PEnI5 w@$ Clo +0 hER 0peNIn9. 47 oNe p0IN7 wHEN 1 w4$ Cl053 +o H3R H0l3 5he l1F73D H3R h1P$ +o 5cr@7CH heRLF-Y0u know WH3re! 4nd puLlED My H@Rd 7hr0BbiNg mEMB3R r1gH7 In+O heR heR H0+ W37 H0L3!! I W@5 in hE@vEN!! 1+ w4$ 5o Ho7 Ju1CY 4nD W3+! 1 PUMp3D 4ND puMPED HeR un+1l 5h3 $H3 CAMe 1n +h15 hUg3 Mind 8l0w1ng Or945M TH@+ 4LMO 7HR3w m3 0phf!! W3 +h3N WEN+ IN70 +eH cO++4gE @ND fU**3d 0UrSelv35 lly!! I c@m3 4 +1ME5 @nD 5hE --Wh0'5 c0UN+in9!! $h3 conph3553d 7hA7 5h3 w4N+eD 70 dO +h15 pHOR 5OmE 7Ime @nd 1 @DM17T3D 1+ 700!! $o lIpHE 47 +H3 CO7+49E W1lL nEveR Be 7eH 54Me!!! 0H bY 7hE W4y-5HE h4$ a W0ndeRful P4n+Y 5ELec7ioN +h4+ I h@V3 H4D 7he PRIV3lEd93 +O 8E iN-$h3 DO35'N'+ KN0w y3+-jUs+ 4 m4773R 0F t1ME!! 1 9Ot+4 9O noW i n3ed +0 M457URB@+E af73R rEc4lL1NG 7H1s Ho7 ePi$od3!!!

    06th November 2006 - 06:08:11 PM    
78923 : hey idiot...
How long did it take for you to write that piece of garbage that no one could finish reading?

    06th November 2006 - 08:33:04 PM    
78924 :
damn bro. u lose so hard.

    06th November 2006 - 08:53:42 PM    
78925 :
screech how many beef n cheddars does it take to get your wife in the mood? oh wait you're gay nevermind.

    07th November 2006 - 05:49:35 AM    
78926 : grant marshall
hey dusty i love your tape. maybe i could give you a dirty sanchez sometime. love you dusty and hopefully some day we can be together thinking of you always grant

    07th November 2006 - 08:37:52 AM    
78927 : Wizard\'s Sleeve
I love anal play when I have the time. I have various toys, I have vibrating balls, 5 pearl string, small butt plug and a medium sized one. One normal dildo that is only about 6" long 1 1/2' diameter that is fun, and finally one when I have the time and want some serious play a 10" long and 2" diamter that after awhile I can take the whole thing down to its balls, which I just love the feeling of those agianst mine. To get me into taking that whole thing I have to shave completely, dress entirely in fem and go out to a movie or something while wearing one of the butt plugs to start getting me stretched out and the pre cum started. Then I come home and watch a porn and further get in the mood. Then finally get undressed doen to my garter and stockings and panty and bra and start sucking on the big guy and than turn around and take it all in over about 10 minutes. Once all the way in I can ride for quite sometime until I can no longer take it. Man I wish I had a lot time right now

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