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    14th November 2006 - 10:48:55 PM    
79028 :
PSK? What the hell does that mean?

    14th November 2006 - 11:14:31 PM    
79029 : BORAT

    14th November 2006 - 11:18:01 PM    
79030 :
At least make up your own character.

    14th November 2006 - 11:23:10 PM    
79031 :

    14th November 2006 - 11:53:34 PM    
79032 : Lance Bass
Dustin, you have struck a new low.

I can't believe you wouldn't pay the adequate cab fare to appear on "Maury" last week. You know the Chud baby that spawned from my festering anus belongs to you!

I be one thousand and ten million hundred percent positive that you my ass baby daddy! He got the same eyes and the same hair and his first word was "Zoiks!" You ain't even be payin' for his apple sauce or his Zubaz diapers or his Kosher breast milk!

You ain't nothin' but a no-good, triflin' man-child!

    15th November 2006 - 12:00:23 AM    
79033 : Deucer
Dustin at Glamorgan Uni...;action=display;num=1163424888;action=display;num=1162937199

What a washed-up cocklicker!!

    15th November 2006 - 04:47:21 AM    
79034 : Two-Fist Cumdumpster
Hey SCROOGE, I was dropping a deuce just now, and for fun I tried to imagine that, instead of plopping into the toilet bowl, my foul wastes were in fact plopping on to your huge gonzo nose! I also imagined that you said "ZOINKS!!" and started to cry like the little Jewish girl that you are.

Funny thing is, I was so turned on by these thoughts that my dick went instantaneously hard and fired a rope of salty seed onto the back of my bathroom door! Fancy that!!

    15th November 2006 - 07:53:51 AM    
79035 : Deucer
Fellow fags, my life-partner Ramone has gone away for the weekend so I've been spanking it to old guestbook posts. It strikes me that the guestbook had a kind of "golden age" between about posts 5000-6000, which saw the debuts of the original Remember When guy, Leaky Ass Queer and Fagbusters, as well as a lot of discussion about using a mugshot of Diamond with the mouth cut out as a sex aid...thanks for the tip, guys!

    15th November 2006 - 10:04:35 AM    
79036 : Kurt Steinberg
Deucer, that's a great find. It's funny that Diamond now tries to sell his porn during his visits to college campuses. I'd be shocked if anyone bought a copy. Seriously, how embarassed would you be if you actually tried to buy porn directly from Diamond?

    15th November 2006 - 10:11:18 AM    
79037 : Kurt Steinberg
I saw this post at;action=display;num=1163424888 :

Posts: 25
Re: Screech
« Reply #7 on: Nov 14th, 2006, 2:20pm » Quote Modify

There have been rumours, started by the Mississippi Journal Sentinal that the whole thing was a hoax anyway because the money he's raised so far for his house (as he said himself on Sunday night) hasn't been recieved by his creditors yet

    15th November 2006 - 12:34:03 PM    
79038 : Neil Patrick Harris
Dustin, I was wondering how I could "accidentally" murder my girlfriend, Alyssa Milano, so that our forbidden love affair can continue. As I was dropping a particularly sloppy deuce today, it came to me. All I had to do was make sure to wipe myself improperly, handle some raw chicken, and then casually slip and hand or two into Alyssa's womb, as she quite enjoys.

It worked! As I was fisting her, she instantly contracted a superstrain of E Coli and began to violently vomit and defecate. She's dead now. The wake is thursday. I hope you'll attend, so we can have filthy sex in the bathroom while the rest of the mourners are listening.


    15th November 2006 - 01:09:20 PM    
79039 : Rico
Hey, mang. Is Mario's couseen, Rico.

What ees wrong with chew, mang? Chew got my dog pregnant, homes. Now I got all thees leetle chihuahuas running around weeth fuching Zubaz pants and sheet! What the fuch am I going to do weeth all thees dogs, mang? I can't sell theem. They don't even bark, essay. They fuching yell "Zioks!" Chew better do sometheeng about thees dogs, essay. Or I cut chew.

    15th November 2006 - 01:30:25 PM    
79040 : WTF

    15th November 2006 - 02:57:06 PM    
79041 : ...according to Stern


Howard mentioned that he had an opportunity to watch the full version of Dustin Diamond’s porno movie over the weekend, and was amazed to discover that Screech’s penis wasn’t as big as he’d claimed it was when he was on the show. After Howard guessed that Dustin’s penis was about six-and-a-half inches, JD came into the studio announcing that he saw the movie as well, and agreed with Howard that his penis was only “average in length, but with a big head.” Howard then played clips from the porn, which included Dustin asking his two female costars if he could see their breasts and him getting oral sex from them.

Following the clips, JD said he was disappointed there was no “c*m shot” in the movie, while both Howard and Artie responded that neither had any problem with the missing money shots.

    15th November 2006 - 03:19:57 PM    
79042 : Kurt Steinberg
Check this out:

"Dustin Diamond's Home Sex Tape Clips. 11/13/06. 9:50am

After that Howard said he finally saw the home porn movie that Dustin ''Screech'' Diamond was in. He said he thought that he was going to see a huge penis in the clip but when he saw the movie he didn't think it was all that big.
JD came in and said he saw the movie but it appeared to have a huge head on it but an average length. Howard said he's got about 6 inches himself and Screech's didn't look much bigger than his. Howard said he thinks that Screech is about 6 1/2 inches, that's it.

Howard described what he saw in the movie. He said the chicks were kind of cute. He played some audio clips from the movie where Screech was asking the girls some questions about what they have pierced and if he can see their boobs. He got one of the girls to pull up her top. He had to beg the girl to show him. Howard said there was a lot of talking during that movie.

Screech asked the girls if they wanted to see his monster. One girl said she wanted to see it so he had her ''take the beast out.'' He then had her ''go to work'' on him. JD said that there's a lot of that going on in the movie and there's no cum shot or anything. Fred played JD's techno theme song as the guys goofed on him about that comment. Artie said he's never watched a porno and asked where the cum is. JD said that some guys want to see that kind of thing. JD walked out after that.

Howard played another clip where Screech was talking as two girls were getting it on. He wouldn't shut up and Howard said he's just like his character Screech in the movie and it's no wonder people don't want to sleep with him.

    15th November 2006 - 05:32:38 PM    
79043 : Jonas Bergman
I am very impressed with the variety of articles. I live in central Sweden. Lots of gold, platinum and diamonds here. I much read and write about jewelry but could learn a lot from you.
With best regards, Jonas Bergman

    15th November 2006 - 05:36:51 PM    
79044 : diamondcutter
Well, Jonas....

I know where you can get a 6.5 inch-long diamond... with a "huge head"!!!!

    15th November 2006 - 11:09:05 PM    
79045 : Renee
Why have this site if its not afiliated with Dustin Diamond! like, some of us actually wanna see a site made by him.I know that Dustin Diamond is the sexiest man alive and the only reason why i watch saved by the bell is to see Dustin Diamond and Mario Lopez' Sexiness.

    15th November 2006 - 11:19:43 PM    
79046 : diamondcutter

If he really wanted a website, he would have done something with but his lazy ass never did.

Mut have been too busy behind the dumpsters...

    15th November 2006 - 11:44:27 PM    
79047 : dner
Diamond is lazy and is a deceptive liar. His pathetic hijinx should be shot down the moment he opens his mouth. He is not worthy of media attention. He is only worthy of an assramming. He is a whore and should be treated like one!

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