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    13th November 2006 - 04:03:55 PM    
79008 :
Thank you eech, for answering my prayers. I miss my cat, Spittums, but understand the sacrifice was necessary.

Thanks again, you know who.

    13th November 2006 - 06:57:54 PM    
79009 : Marcia
My cooter is dry and flaky.

    13th November 2006 - 08:47:12 PM    
79010 : C. Thomas Howell
Dusty! I'm sorry I haven't called. Things have been rough lately. My boyfriend had a miscarriage when a baby cralwed up his asshole. Anywho, I was hoping we could re-enact the scene from "Gapetacular: An Analventure" where those two Puerto-Rican gentlemen take turns licking each other's seed off the floor of a construction site Port-O-Let. Just drop by my Myspace page. You know what you like, girl! TTFN!

    13th November 2006 - 09:28:32 PM    
79011 : Gloria Allred
As the representing legal attorney-woman for Dustin "Samuel "Screech" Powers" Diamond, I must say that allegations of homosexual escapades are FALSE! Mr. Diamond in no way enjoys having sex with other men. He does NOT enjoy being brutally sodomized with a cucumber slathered with mayonnaise and old Band-Aids. He screams in agony when I insert my considerable manhood inside him. Cease and desist or I will be FORCED to take legal action.

    13th November 2006 - 09:41:12 PM    
79012 : Nancy Grace
Greetings, friend. I feel for you. I know your pain.

I was once like you. Hurt. Afraid. Standing naked in my kitchen, covered with sweat and trying to pull my vagina-penis out of the toaster oven. Then I found Jesus. A kindly Argentinian feller what lived up my stank-hole. He taught me the meaning of life: Cramming as many Argentinians up your stanky holes as you pssibly can.

Goodbye, friend.

    14th November 2006 - 12:22:34 AM    
79013 : Frankie Muniz
Dustin, I would like to give you a lukewarm Ham-'N-Cheese, followed by a soggy pair of South Beach Blue-Blockers. Then I'll round up some vagrants to give you a lovely Bukkake Breakfast Buffet. All of this will conclude in a Manhattan Transfer. Call me, pooky bear!

    14th November 2006 - 02:13:49 AM    
79014 : Jm J. Bullock
Hey SCRODGE, i sure hope those 2 sluts in your video didn't give you the HIV...that's my job, fucker!! Keep lookin over yer shoulder, moonbeam!!!!

PS how many hundred beef 'n' cheddars did those 2 grotesque heifers demand before they agreed to star in your video? Was it more or less than your fake wife's average daily intake? Enquiring minds want to know, cocksucker!!!! They also want to give you AIDS!!!!!!!! I'm gonna poz you up good, hombre!!!!!!

    14th November 2006 - 06:13:28 AM    
79015 : Chewy
Where's my t-shirt bitch?

    14th November 2006 - 06:37:11 AM    
79016 : Alfonso Ribiero
Hey there SCORTCH, as a former TV nerd myself, I just wanted to say...LET'S ASSFUCK!!! You make my motherfucking cock so goddamn motherfucking hard.

Call me hot stuff, you know the #!!

    14th November 2006 - 06:40:47 AM    
79017 : Screech\'s number one fan
Hey "Screech", why do so many people spell your Saved by the Bell character, Sneet so incorrectly all the time? I mean, we all love the character of Snoot, and Scrodge, let me add that Scret is a fantastic character full of the wit that we've come to expect of all your characters. But in Smoot we feel a deep, unshakable connection with the Snot character, it's part of us - just like Snock is part of you, Scrot. So, you see Scrot, we just want to celebrate the character - and I anticipate that you will join with us in celebrating Scretch this weekend. Can we get you to confirm this? Snoot? Sneet? Snock? Please answer us Scratchy, we await your confirmation!

    14th November 2006 - 07:22:16 AM    
79018 : Skeletor
"People of Earth! I stand before the Great Anus of the Screech. Chosen by destiny by the powers of homosexuality! This inevitable moment will transpire before your eyes, even as Screech himself bears witness to it. Now. I, Skeletor, am Master of Screech's Universe!" exclaimed Skeletor...Remember how Skeletor unvieled his "Sword of Greyskull" and yelled "Yes, Screech! The Sword of Greyskull! In your ass... Now, and forever!". "YES! Yes... I feel it, the hole... fills me. Yes, I feel Screech's universe within me! I am... I am a part of his cosmos! The cream flows... Flows through him!"...."Of what consequence are you now? This planet, these people. They are NOTHING to me! Screech's bum universe is power! Real, unstoppable POWER! and I am that force! I am that power!"...."Fool! you are no longer my EQUAL! I am more than man! MORE THAN LIFE! I... am... a... GOD!" before unleashing his man juice all over your winy face... "Now. You... will... KNEEEEEL! KNEEEEL!" before laser beams came out of his eyes?

    14th November 2006 - 10:44:15 AM    
79019 : Rocco
I think the best way to get yourself into the spotlight once again would be for you to hook up with Lance Bass. As you know, Lance was very interested in going into space, and if I remember correctly you are interested in assteroids as well. The two of you could launch into space together and have wild pay per view buttsex in space! If possible Mr. Belding could stow away and pop out in the middle of your lovemaking and beat you senseless. I think it would be a great end for you if Belding tossed you out the hatch into space sans any kind of space suit! Let me know when this can be arranaged.


    14th November 2006 - 10:58:32 AM    
79020 : Kurt Steinberg
Rocco, it would be pretty hot if Belding fired Screech out of the space shuttle without a space suit. I'd bet that Belding would be vigoruously jerking off while Diamond's eyes explode and the rest of his body puffs up as it adjusts to zero atmospheric pressure and Diamond becomes asphyxiated in the vacuum of outer space!

Maybe some martians would rescue Diamond and take them on board their mother ship for an anal probe. Perhaps they would add Diamond to their intergallactic zoo?

    14th November 2006 - 11:58:47 AM    
79021 : Kurt Steinberg
Diamond, I was watching "Prison Break" yesterday and there was a scene where the old ex-prison guard was about to pay a call girl 0 to give him a Cleveland Steamer. Since you're running low on cash, I bet you'd allow an old man to give you a Cleveland Steamer for a mere !

    14th November 2006 - 12:21:10 PM    
79022 : M-K Ultra
Dude You Suck! "Washed By the other Girls Mouth" so lame.

    14th November 2006 - 01:21:42 PM    
79023 : Rocco
Damn that would be hot if Belding was furiously jacking off while watching Diamonds body explode. Even hotter would be if Lance Bass was tounging Beldings rancid asshole while Belding jacked off. I think it would be pretty nice if the threw Diamond out the hatch with no space suit but kept him tethered to the spaceship. Then after re-entry Belding could have buttsex with the remnants of a burnt up Diamond!


    14th November 2006 - 03:25:56 PM    
79024 : Kurt Steinberg
Diamond, please contact IMDB and ask them to stop deleting posts. Too many hot posts on the boards for you, Michael Oliver, Chris Burke, and toher boards have been deleted recently. In fact, just yesterday I posted a serious question on the "Harold and Maude" board. I simply asked whether the 80-year old granny in that movie gave the young 20-year kid a rusty trombone. The IMDB fascists deleted that post for some unknown reason!

    14th November 2006 - 05:16:27 PM    
79025 : .
he tried selling his shit at our union and had a hissy fit about "meet and greeting people" cunt.

    14th November 2006 - 05:28:21 PM    
79026 : Jerry Boseneiler

I am so excited that your site is back up. Me and my room mates watch Saved By The Bell every week day morning. It gives us so much laughter and fun. Your character is fantastic. Best of luck to you!!!

    14th November 2006 - 10:09:03 PM    
79027 : Tori Spelling
You sick, twisted son of a bitch. You probably thought nobody would ever bother to read the coroner's report from my father's autopsy? Well here's an exerpt for all the webosphere whistleblowers to see!

Dr. Max Berger, PSK

DNA tests prove that the semen collected from the anus of the subject [Aaron Spelling] matches that of material recovered from a condom discarded by Dustin "Samuel "Screech" Powers" Diamond...

Ha! Now the whole world knows you raped and murdered my father! And to think. I once nerd loved you.

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