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    05th December 2006 - 01:50:51 AM    
79188 : diamondcutter
hey Dner... could I get a copy of that shitty album sometime?

    05th December 2006 - 02:00:38 AM    
79189 : arbys shitpipe
dner, i think the problem isn't so much that dustin is "pigeonholed as screech" but almost that screech is pigeonholed as dustin diamond. the screech character, (albeit poorly acted and requiring little tallent) was a scrawny likeable nerd who wished he was cooler than he actually was. the real life adult dustin diamond is a fat, repugnant, intollerable shitstain of a human being who thinks he's cooler than he actually is.

    05th December 2006 - 02:19:28 AM    
79190 : Dner
Fagbusters and I shall give you a call sometime and I'll burn you a copy.

    05th December 2006 - 05:08:35 AM    
79191 : Paul Heyman
SCREECH! It's me, Paul Heyman. As you know, I've recently been FIRED by the WWE for the poor PPV December to Desmember because Vince thought I wasn't living up to the ideals of the new ECW. Well Vince I got just two words for you - "FUCK YOU!!". You see Screech, I'm going to take RVD and SABU and start my own promotion, "Paul Heyman Wrestling" or PHW, and I want TV's "SCREECH" from Saved by the Bell to by my NEW PHW World Champion. My idea for our first PPV, "BUM WARS" is really quite simple and innovative. We'll get a load of bums to fight it out with each other in each other's bum and then the Main Event will see RVD vs SABU vs SAMUEL SCREECH POWERS in a barbed-wire-covering-their-forearms-and-shoved-up-each-others-anuses-until-they-bleed-to-death match.

WHATDOYERSAY Screech? Do you like my vision? Do you like the idea of a Battle Royale of Bums for the number 1 contender to you, Screech; my new PHW World Champion?

WHATDOYERSAY? Put it there, pal!

PS. I will need a k advance to get the ball rollin'

    05th December 2006 - 07:24:00 AM    
79192 : Santa Claus
HO HO HOOO!!!! Meeeery Christmas, Dustin Diamond! Yes it's almost that time of year again, and Santa's been looking down his list of who's been good and bad this year. You haven't been a very good little boy, have you, Dustin? In fact, according to my list, you are officially the biggest douchebag on the planet! That means that Santa's coming to give you a special Christmas present this year!!! Santa's going to be visiting you on Christmas eve to unload his bulging Santa sack into your dark, brown Grotto of Delights. Then you'll be spitroasted by Donner and Blitzen - once they've filled you full of their Christmas cheer, the other reindeer and my worker elves will come and shit on you, piss on you, stab at your crotch with broken bottles and generally humiliate and violate you!

It'll be a Christmas you won't soon forget!! HO HO HOOOO!! HO HO oooHHHHHhhhh no, Santa's cum in his pants!!

    05th December 2006 - 08:02:53 AM    
79193 : Dan Akroyd
Screech, I'm still scratching my head - just why did Ghostbusters get overly sexual at the end? Was it the proton packs? Was it slimer? Or was it the whole crossing the streams and getting flooded with a white juicey like liquid.

You know, if I ever find out you're using this material in your so-called stand-up routine I'll kick my right boot square between your legs.

    05th December 2006 - 08:08:51 AM    
79194 : Gay DALEK #3
Screech, I found GAY DALEKS... better watch YOUR back!


    05th December 2006 - 09:36:16 AM    
79195 : Kurt Steinberg
Dner, what happened to Fagbusters? He rarely posts anymore.

    05th December 2006 - 01:51:18 PM    
79196 : Dner
Fagbusters doesn't have internet access. So he pretty much gets his queer updates from Diamondcutter and I. His roommates have been talking about getting dialup, so maybe you'll see him more often. But his lack of posting doesn't mean he's still not involved. The Beldings have a full album's worth of material. And we're gonna record soon. I'll keep you queers updated.


    05th December 2006 - 02:02:57 PM    
79197 : Gay Zack
Once again I find myself trying to get Diamond to pencil me in for a reach around. I know he's got nothing else going on. I also need to give him a Cincinnati juicebox.

    05th December 2006 - 03:31:41 PM    
79198 : diamondcutter
dner... just give me the word and the My Space for "The Beldings" will be unleashed...

    05th December 2006 - 04:14:52 PM    
79199 : Paul Ritter
wow this site sucks, dustion diamond is ugly too, i'm gunna hack this site. if you want to be 1337 go to my website it is way better than this one. i might teach you if you are nice to me.

    05th December 2006 - 04:21:38 PM    
79200 : Kurt Steinberg
What does 1337 mean? Is that some kind of nerd code? Please refrain from using terminology that most of Diamond's queer fans don't understand.

    05th December 2006 - 05:20:51 PM    
79201 : Kurt Steinberg
Dner, you must prod Fagbusters to acquire Internet access. I think that most of the queers who post here miss his condemnations of our dangerous homosexual lifestyles.

    05th December 2006 - 05:28:41 PM    
79202 : Dner
Even though Fagbusters has been out of the loop he's still got his head in the game. He frequently talks about the board and its various queer members. I'll try beat up FB's roommates so they'll get Internet access. I know them all personally and I'd love to give them all full blown AIDS if they don't pitch in for it.

    05th December 2006 - 05:35:19 PM    
79203 :
This is a great Ox story I found:

    05th December 2006 - 06:04:10 PM    
79204 : Kurt Steinberg
Dner, drop a deuce on one of those dudes for me. It kind of reminds me of when I was in college and had a roommate. My roommate and I were having a fued - he was being a little bitch and kept complaining because I wanted to watch gay porn all day and fire my loads on the floor. (He slipped on one during the spring semester and was so pissed at me!)

Anyway, I slept on the top bunk and he slept on the bottom bunk. During the last day of the spring sememster I had already moved out all of my stuff to my car to drive home and then I suck back into the room where my roommate was taking a nap after his last final exam. I had just eatne Taco Bell and quietly dropped my pants and then positioned my butthole right above my roommate's head and unleashed a diarrhea tsunami of epic queer proportions! I quickly ran out of the room as my roommate was quite pissed when he woke up and discovered chunks of shit in his eyes. He transferred to a different college for the next semester and I never saw him again. :(

    05th December 2006 - 06:37:56 PM    
79205 : Dner
One of FB's roommates is a female that deserves a nice shit spray on her and her cats. I used to live in the house with FB and two of the other members of the Beldings. I had to move out because the straight people in the house didn't like my queer antics. They didn't like the smell of Taco Bell shits and sperm that came from my room. Plus they also hated seeing three sometimes ten men covered in piss, shit and jizz come out of my room in the morning. I quess it creeped them out. I've since moved into my parnter Buddy's place. I'm able to express my homosexual desires more than before. In fact we have a tarp in the dining room just for wrestling nude in our own bodily fluids!


    05th December 2006 - 07:33:41 PM    
79206 : diamondcutter
Females make sucky roommates... especially breeders...

    05th December 2006 - 08:46:01 PM    
79207 : Michael Richards
When are you faggots gonna leave a fellow comedian alone? I think we should get together. Between your homophopia and my racism, we could put on one hell of a show!!!!

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