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    07th December 2006 - 12:57:44 PM    
79228 : Kurt Steinberg
Have you queers seen the "Glossary of Perversion"? It lists some good sex moves.

"Bill Buckner" - While receiving head standing up, the girl cuts off your balls and rolls them through your legs.

I've been known to participate in an "anal boot" from time to time:

An anal boot is when you take a pitcher of beer, everyone spits in it, someone stirs it with their cock, and then the mixture is poured through the crack of a man's ass into the waiting mouth of the loser of a bet or drinking game.

    07th December 2006 - 01:52:31 PM    
79229 : Kurt Steinberg
Go to the online section:

I want to give Diamond a "Rusty Fish Hook." That's where I'm doing a dude in the butt and get some shit on my finger. I then reach around and "hook" the dude's mouth like as though I have caugh a fishyou got a bass on your finger.

    07th December 2006 - 02:41:11 PM    
79230 : Dner
I saw an episode on TBS the other day where Coach Rizzo and Eric Spano locked Screech in the back of Belding's car and drove him from Palisades to Santa Monica Blvd. When they got to Santa Monica Blvd. they took him Vasaline alley and let all the queers rape and violate him. That was the comming out of the closet episode for Nedick because when they got there Nedick was getting pounded in the face.

    07th December 2006 - 04:35:37 PM    
79231 : Big Balls
Dustin Diamond is a fucking goofball. What a cheese dicked loser! Way to go buddy, your career is's not like you ever had one!

Fucking cock smoker!

    07th December 2006 - 04:46:29 PM    
79232 : Kurt Steinberg
Fellow queers, I'll get some pictures of Coach Rizzo for you to look at while spanking it!

    07th December 2006 - 11:14:51 PM    
79233 : Kurt Steinberg
Hey queers, I found some good spank material. Here are pictures of Coach Rizzo:

Here are pictures of the wrestling coach, Coach Sonski. Coach Sonski is the coach I remember who used to rub his bald head all over Belding's taint and team up with Ox to spit-roast Screech:

    08th December 2006 - 07:13:01 AM    
79234 : Tom Berenger
Is it true that Tom Berenger is thinking of doing a comedic follow up to his 1996 Dangerous Minds rip-off "The Substitute" inside the Saved by the Bell school campus with on screen cameos from AC Slater, Zack, Jessie, Random Black Chick, Tori and you? Is it true that your role will be a bumbling sterotypical jerk-off who forgets his gym clothes as a bid to get out of gym but doesn't reckon on Berenger's ruthlessness and makes you work out in your string vest? Is it true that you get embroiled in a vicious terrorist plot to take over the school, which for some reason, is sitting on top of a 5 million dollar oil well reserve and it's up to Berenger, and you (in a string vest doing your very best to do a parody of Bruce Willis) to take on the terrorist who turns out to be non-other than Prinicpal Belding who is bitter, deranged and twisted over being replaced by the Substitute and forces you to drink his kool-aid and feast on his unemployable feses? Is it true it is called Substitute 4:Play or die trying?

    08th December 2006 - 10:24:42 AM    
79235 : JB
max why did yu make this site so crappy

    08th December 2006 - 11:20:38 AM    
79236 : Deucer
Steinberg, I am honored that my semi-cognitive memories of Coach Rizzo can cause you such pleasure. Please rest assured that I shall dress as the aforementioned coach during my next dumpster encounter! Zoinks!!!!!!

    08th December 2006 - 12:33:10 PM    
79237 : Kurt Steinberg
Deucer, there has been a fat bald guy hanging out on Key West the dumpster circuit over the past few weeks. He was always doubling up on a Screech with an A.C. Slater. He looked vaguely familiar, but I didn't know why. Now I realize that he's a Coach Sonski.

    08th December 2006 - 07:35:54 PM    
79238 : dner
Thanks for the great spank fodder Kurt! My member is swollen and purple from jerking off to violently!

    08th December 2006 - 09:42:50 PM    
79239 : Gay ZAck
Queers go to smoking gun to read Diamonds rider - his requests in order to perform. Very Diva like. Shows what a true fag he really is. I so want to beat the jew out of him.

    08th December 2006 - 09:59:51 PM    
79240 : Kurt Steinberg
Thanks Gay Zack!

    09th December 2006 - 07:43:35 PM    
79241 : Mad Bastard
I nipped out to the shop earlier tonight to grab some milk, cat food etc. On my way through the door into the place I noticed a guy, about mid thirties eyeing me up with a bit of a glare. "Oi", he shouts but I blank him and carry on with the shopping.

On my way back out I notice that he's still outside the shop. Apparently he's been waiting for me because I glance over my shoulder and he's trailing me. My car's parked on an unkempt piece of tarmacced "car park" round the side of the building. It's not pitch black but the area's not streetlit for about 20-30yds. I know where this is going.

"Oi, cunt", he growls at me. "Nice shoes. I'll have them." and takes a handful of the material of the back of my jacket.

By now I've turned to face him. I can feel my temper kicking in. He looks like something I'd buy a Big Issue from. I can see in his eyes that he's drunk or fuelled with something else.

"Oh, will you?" I ask him. He's starting to say something else but I've already committed myself to grabbing him by the jacket and reigning my head down on his nose. It either really did make a squelchy noise when I connected or I just imagined it. Maybe it was my brain sloshing my own skull around from the whiplash I had just inflicted on it. As soon as I've struck, I push him away but his legs have buckled. He goes down on his knees and falls forward, connecting his own face with my right foot which is in mid-swing.

There were no other words exchanged. I get in the car and drive home. I go through the full gamut of emotions, from feeling like Bruce-fucking-Lee to a mad paranoia of reprisals and revenge. On the whole though, I'm pretty offended that this guy felt he had the right to just take what I had paid for.

I've never picked a fight in my life, but if you put me in a corner then I'm having a go. It doesn't half ruin your night though.

My question is: Should I have reversed over the cunt for good measure?

    09th December 2006 - 08:55:12 PM    
79242 : diamondcutter
from the SBTB Now board...


for a min there i thought this thread was relating to "screeched"....

i would like to read elliot's, diamoncutter's and rocco's review of that film...
i'm sure theyve watched it...

In order to fly under the radar of the heifers on that board we need our anonymity. If you are on that board as "g0screechracerg0" please remove all reference to us in your posts...

    09th December 2006 - 09:44:13 PM    
79243 : Kurt Steinberg
I think that fucker tried to out us a couple months ago.

    09th December 2006 - 10:37:13 PM    
79244 : Rocco
I already posted at the hate board. Kurt and I saw this faggot try the same thing a few months back. I havn't posted over there in awhile as the IMDB boards have been much more fun. I wonder if it's that fruitcake that kept referring to the Hate board and trying to fuck us over on IMDB. I can't even remember his name? We've made so many new friends I've completely lost track!


    10th December 2006 - 11:07:46 AM    
79245 : Joey
Since this is a place specializing in Screech/Dustin Diamond info I thought I would post a link to a clip I found on Youtube. Its a parody of the whole Michael Richards fiasco, but with Screech. Take a look:


    10th December 2006 - 03:12:26 PM    
79246 : Kurt Steinberg
Did anybody watch the NFL pregame show in Fox this morning? Every week there's a comedian who does funny little skits about the guys on the show (e.g., Howie Long, Jimmy Johnson, Terry Bradshaw, etc.)

The comedian was talking about Howie Long's movie career and how awful he was as an actor. At the end of the segment he posted 4 game picks of the week. He posted each pick along with a picture of an actor that he said was better than Howie Long. On one of the picks he showed a picture of Ernest (from "Ernest Goes t Camp," etc.). For his next pick he showed a pciture of a young Dustin Diamond along with his game pick. I almost lost it because that so funny!

    10th December 2006 - 08:12:26 PM    
79247 : arbys shitpipe
jesus christ, that fat fuck asks for 4 pints of milk, 4 20z bottles of coke and 6 beers for every show... that's atleast 3000 calories, just in beverages. 1500 more than the average healthy person consumes in an entire day. and that's on top of the beef n cheddars and curly fries that piece of shit drives into his fat gut every day. diamond you fat fuck, no wonder you're more of a blimp every time we see you.

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