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    05th December 2006 - 11:36:27 PM    
79208 : Kurt Steinberg
Dner, I hear you. Some people just don't understand the queer lifestyle and how piss, shit, and HIV+ semen is an intergral part of our lives. I've also participated in piss and shit parties over the years. However, you should consider purchasing a spa. Spas are great because you can dose off in them while piss, shit, and semen is floating around in the water with you! Diamond apparently agrees:

    05th December 2006 - 11:45:44 PM    

    05th December 2006 - 11:53:31 PM    
79210 : Deucer
I too have had a miserable time living with straights in the past. Luckily I now live with my well-to-do life-partner Ramone in an up-market apartment. We recently installed a spa and frequently invite our gay friends round for all-night sex romps. Things can get pretty wild, and by the time morning comes round, the water has usually become a gloopy mess of man-mayo, swarfega, floating turds and various other bodily excretions!

Sadly we have managed to anger our straight neighbors by being too noisy. Also, one time my buddy Julien did too much coke and amyl nitrate after receiving a taco tsunami, and took off running round the apartment block, in the middle of the night, naked and covered in shit and screaming that he was the reincarnation of Liberace! Our neighbors weren't to happy with us!!

    06th December 2006 - 01:20:47 AM    
79211 : diamondcutter
Chris Burke in reverse... a normal guy acting retarded...

    06th December 2006 - 08:25:41 AM    
79212 : Shell Gas Station Attendant
Mr. Screech, I noticed that there is an inordinate amount of semen on the floor in the Shell gas station just outside of Denver, Colorado. You probably want to go lick it up before some other fruit does. That is all.

    06th December 2006 - 11:23:13 AM    
79213 : Gay Zack
When I lived in Castro, I had moved in with an older queen. He was a quite guy, who liked to troll restrooms for guys. One night I decided I'd bring a little of my lifestyle to him to see how he'd react to it. I brought over some random guy from a dumspter circuit who was dressed as Slater. He came over and we sucked each others cocks in front of my roommate. He began to shy away, but we told him to stay. He watched some more than got up to leave and we said no help us out. He said, no I really have to go. So the Slater took out some brass kuckles and began to punch the shit out of my roommate. I didn't know what to do so I just stayed their sucking off the Slater as he punched my roommate. The Slater pulled down my roommates pants and kept punching his asshole square in the pink part with his brass kuckles. To make a long story short, my roommate woke up in a hospital, swollen rectum, massive loss of blood and a concussion. Doctors told him that he'd never be able to take it in the ass again.

    06th December 2006 - 11:31:06 AM    
79214 : Gay Zack
Suffice to say, my roommate kicked me out once he got out of the hospital. I hear he hasn't been able to take it in the ass ever since. I feel somewhat responsible for what happened.

    06th December 2006 - 11:34:57 AM    
79215 : Kurt Steinberg
Gay Zack, those Slaters are always violent homosexual predators. There's something about a greasy permed mullet that brings out the worst in a gay man. :(

You should move on, as your older queen is no longer of use to you anymore. His asshole was probably the only thing keeping the two of you together.

    06th December 2006 - 05:41:41 PM    
79216 : Dner
Gay Zack/Steinberg,
Not all Slater's are bad. Although I've commited some violent acts towards a Screech or two, I'd say us Slater's are pretty tame compared to Milo's. Rocco and I have had some pretty ultraviolent times with a Milo. Milo's are violent homosexuals that will stop at nothing to see the destruction of your rectal cavity.


    06th December 2006 - 08:20:43 PM    
79217 : Mario Plater
Hello Dustin: How are u? I am a serious "Saved By The Bell" fan I seen all the episodes from Ms. Blitz to the College years to the new class. You have your new sex Dvd out called "Screech" seem like u were having fun dude!! Don't worry about what people say you are a man and you are doing what men like to do "Busting a Nutt!" Keep up the good work man!! Peace Please get back with me if u can!! Thanks

    06th December 2006 - 11:33:18 PM    
79218 : arbys shitpipe
mario, i find your broken english extremely fucking sexy. it conjures images of a greasy mullet clad slater in his pleated acid wash jeans pounding me in the ass with his giant mexican cock and "busting a nutt!", as you would say. are you oiled up and muscular like slater? if so, call me if you want to come over and have me suck you off to my edited version of the screech sex tape that only contains the scenes of dustin's penis without those tubby girls getting in the way.

    07th December 2006 - 01:10:55 AM    
79219 : Deucer
Yes Mario, you sound hot. Do you resemble Slater at all (as your name would suggest)? Let's hook up for buttsex in a McDonalds restroom sometime. My scat-fetishist friend has taught me a new move that you're sure to get a kick out of: it's called the Cincinnati Deucebox. It's the same as a regular Cincinnati Juicebox, only using shit instead of piss.

    07th December 2006 - 01:23:49 AM    
79220 : Deucer
Dner et al: Stay clear of Marvin Nedicks. I once saw a dude get whaled on pretty bad by a Nedick, apparently he ended up in hospital. He started doing all these legdrops and shit on him. I decided to split, and when I left the Nedick was violently spit-roasting the unconscious dude with a Coach Rizzo.

    07th December 2006 - 07:56:26 AM    
79221 : POOP

    07th December 2006 - 07:57:51 AM    
79222 : Kurt Steinberg
Deucer, I almost forgot about Coach Rizzo! Didn't he and his star athlete, Ox, rape a bunch of students at Bayside? I heard that Coach Rizzo is in prison right now. Apparently he's a "wolf" in prison, raping all of the dudes in there.

    07th December 2006 - 08:32:22 AM    
79223 : Deucer
Steinberg: yes I've heard that as well. Apparently he intimidates his fellow inmates with his bad "new yawk" accent and forces them into homosexual encounters.

Screech, I've been thinking - it's high time you got your queer band Salty the Pocketknife back together and did a nationwide tour of gay bars. Even though your music sucked a lamb's ass, I think songs such as "Rim Goblin" really spoke to your legion of queer fans. Also, my queer pal Jeffree claims that he saw you guys back in the day at a Castro bar named John E. Smoke's. He claims he gave Evan Stone a rimjob, and that Evan has a ginger anal beard. Can you confirm/deny?

    07th December 2006 - 09:52:42 AM    
79224 : Kurt Steinberg
Deucer, has anyone ever mentioned Coach Rizzo in a "remember when..." gay fantasy? I sure don't remember one, and I've probably read them all while cracking one off.

    07th December 2006 - 10:58:08 AM    
79225 :
Jeez DD is a fucking loser. Just saw the "porn" tape. I want to kill him he's so annoying.

    07th December 2006 - 12:07:52 PM    
79226 : arbys shitpipe
Kurt, I seem to recall an episode of SBTB where Slater was slacking off a bit at wrestling practice and Coach Rizzo had him face fuck screech while dragging him up and down the stairs for an hour.

    07th December 2006 - 12:52:39 PM    
79227 : Kurt Steinberg
Was Coach Rizzo the bald guy?

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